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ZAPA beton a.s. is a Buzzi Unicem company and managed as part of the Eastern Division of Dyckerhoff. Buzzi Unicem is a corporation located in Italy, which operates plants in 14 countries, with more than 10,000 employees worldwide.

We provide our customers with high quality products, and additionally offer construction-related consulting and other services. Our production is adapted according to the latest findings in construction materials technology, and we handle limited resources responsibly.

We are more than concrete, we are ZAPA.

ZAPA is basically synonymous with concrete. Hopefully we can afford such a statement as we are one of the largest prodecers of concrete on the Czech and Slovak market.

From Aš all the way to Košice, ZAPA is here to help! We are everywhere, call us!
Not a customer yet? Not a problem. Contact us, our experts will be happy to help you. You will save time and money with our special products.
Reducing negative impacts on the environment is one of the main priorities in our production and in the framework of the concept of sustainable development in the future. We prefer security over risky order fulfillment.
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Company introduction

The history of the company ZAPA beton began at the start of the nineties as a small business with only a few employees. Production initially took place in batching stations. The first conventional concrete mixing plant operated by ZAPA was in Kačerov in Prague. For financial reasons, the company’s initial expansion mainly went the way of renting older plants and their gradual modernisation. The first markets in the Czech Republic were Prague and Central Bohemia and the first plant in Moravia was the concrete mixing plant in Hulín. The acquisition of new plants took place swiftly and, over the course of the 1990s, ZAPA beton became one of the leading producers on the Czech market for ready mixed concrete.

At the end of the same decade was ZAPA beton incorporated into the structure of the German Dyckerhoff Group, which later became part of the multinational Buzzi Unicem Group from Italy. This holding company is orientated towards the production of cement and ready mixed concrete and is active in Europe, Russia, the USA, Mexico and North Africa. The company thus stabilised its capital at the turn of the millennium and continued to grow. In 2003, ZAPA beton a.s. became a company with 100% foreign capital participation. It also gradually achieved an important position on the Slovakian market, where it has now been present since 2001, and is also active on the Hungarian market. ZAPA beton also produces aggregates.

Production in ZAPA beton a.s. takes place on the level of individual plants (concrete mixing plants or plants producing aggregates), with a basic division into the regions of Bohemia and Moravia. The same regional division also applies (in the case of ready mixed concrete) to sales activities. Company management – economic and administrative control – is performed centrally. The company does not have any branch or another part of enterprise abroad.

At the end of yr. 2019, ZAPA beton a.s. was producing in 52 concrete mixing plants, 2 quarries, 1 grinding plants and 2 gravel pits in the Czech Republic and through its subsidiary companies it also controlled another 2 concrete mixing plants. In the Slovak Republic it was operating 16 concrete mixing plants and 2 gravel pits. One gravel pit was operated under the ZAPA beton brand in Hungary. The reconstruction of our premisses / the administrative building with a new offices at the concrete plant in Kačerov were completed. 

ZAPA beton a.s. participated in establishing the Czech Association of Concrete Producers and is one of its active members. Its subsidiary company, ZAPA beton SK s.r.o., is a member of the Slovak Association of Ready Mixed Concrete Producers. These are professional interest groups made up of the most important companies in the field.

Important milestones


  • Development of the NEMO project - "Tailor-made concrete“
  • Introducing the KDX ZAPA pilot project for sales, dispatching and logistics


  • RISK NENI ZISK - employee safety, health and satisfaction is one of our fundamental pillar in the field of sustainable development.
  • Completion of the reconstruction of Kačerov offices in Prague, followed with the latest trends in energy savings and environmental protection.


  • Special ZAPA DROP product, awarded with a gold medal at the Building Fair in Brno.  Development of other products with an environmental impact.
  • Developing the NEMO project - professional seminars in the field of innovative concrete materials organized for our business partners and the general public.


  • Launching of the NEMO Project; closing of the KOVV Project


  • Ongoing reorganization of the company and its procedues; the KOVV Project in progress
  • Sale of the ownership interest in Beton Union Plzeň s.r.o.
  • Acquisition of another Hungarian sand pit company
  • ZAPA beton celebrates its 25th anniversary


  • Ongoing reorganization of the company and of the company procedures
  • Commencement of the KOVV Project – Quality and Sale Are a Common Affair


  • New General Manager, the reorganization of the company started
  • Merger of Pískovny Hrádek a.s. with ZAPA beton a.s.
  • Merger of SONDA, s.r.o. with ZAPA beton SK s.r.o.


  • Buzzi Unicem “squeezed out” the remaining minority shareholders of Dyckerhoff Aktiengesellschaft and became its sole shareholder
  • Purchase of the ownership interest in EURO BETON, s.r.o.
  • The total production of the Group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia still exceeded 1.6 million m3


  • The ready mixed concrete production of the Group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia reached almost 1.8 million m3


  • Production by the ZAPA beton Group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia amounted to almost 1.6 million m3
  • The first concrete mixing plant was opened at ZAPA BETON HUNGÁRIA Kft.
  • Takeover of a 33.33% share in the Slovak company EURO BETON, s.r.o. 


  • Impact of the economic crisis on the sales of the ZAPA beton Group: production in the Czech and Slovak Republics in total dropped to 1.7 million m


  • Production by the ZAPA beton Group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia exceeded record 2.5 million m3
  • ZAPA beton becomes the number one on the Slovak market for the first time
  • Acquisition of SONDA, s.r.o. (Slovak Republic)


  • Purchase of the remaining shares in Pískovny Hrádek a.s., meaning 100% ownership
  • Sale of Bohemia Beton Union Děčín s.r.o. 


  • The ZAPA beton Group produced over 2 million m3 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • The Group was again the leader on the Czech market this year
  • The shareholding in Pískovny Hrádek a.s. was increased to 50.6% and in Bohemia Beton Union Děčín s.r.o. to 100% 
  • Merger of the subsidiary VIA – VODA spol. s r.o. with ZAPA beton a.s.


  • ZAPA beton a.s. surpassed 1 million m3 of ready mixed concrete produced in one year
  • The ZAPA beton Group became the Czech market leader for the first time

2002 - 2003

  • Increase in Dyckerhoff’s ownership interest to 100%
  • Gradual acquisition of 45.6% of the shares in Pískovny Hrádek a.s.


  • Expansion into the Hungarian market, foundation of the subsidiary company ZAPA BETON HUNGÁRIA Kft.
  • Takeover of the ownership interests in the subsidiary companies of Dyckerhoff:
    Bohemia Beton Union Děčín s.r.o., Beton Union Plzeň s.r.o., BLANK BETON CHEB, k.s., ZS BETON CHEB, s.r.o., BLANK BETON MOST, k.s. and MOST BETON, s.r.o. (in 2003 and 2004, the last four companies named merged with ZAPA beton a.s.)


  • Entry into the Slovak market, foundation of the subsidiary company ZAPA beton SK s.r.o.
  • Acquisition of the subsidiary EKO ZAPA beton, a.s.


  • Foundation of the subsidiary company ZAPA UNISTAV, s.r.o.


  • Purchase of 49.97% of ZAPA beton a.s. shares by Dyckerhoff
  • Acquisition of the subsidiary company VIA – VODA spol. s r.o.


  • Transformed into a joint-stock company


  • 12 plants, expansion into eastern Bohemia and Moravia
  • Transformed into a limited liability company


  • 5 plants, expansion into central Bohemia


  • 3 plants in Prague


  • Company founded by Jiří Pavlica, with its first plant in Prague

Company management

Image for Marco Duranda
Dipl.-Ing. Marco Duranda
General Manager
Ing. Katarína Gáborová
Ing. Katarína Gáborová
Director of concrete division
Ing. Jiří Haša
Ing. Jiří Haša
Finance Director
Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Wild
Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Wild
Director of Quarries and Sandpits | Central Services Department
Mgr. Alžběta Vlachová
Mgr. Alžběta Vlachová
HR Manager
Image for Taťana Šedinová
Taťana Šedinová
Head of Sales Department Bohemia | Head of Marketing CZ&SK
Dr. Giuseppe Giunti
Dr. Giuseppe Giunti
Quality Manager

Organizational structure

Production of concrete and aggregates at ZAPA takes place on the level of individual plants, with a basic division into the regions of Bohemia and Moravia. The same regional division also applies (in the case of ready mixed concrete) to sales activities. Company management – economic and administrative control – is performed centrally. 

Organisation Structure