Code of Conduct

Sustainability, Integrity and correct Corporate Governanceare key components of our ethical culture and guide our conduct towards customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders in general.

Buzzi Unicem considers ethics to be an essential part of business management and full compliance with laws is an asset that adds value to the company. Both our strategic and operational decisions are performed according to the ethical values that guide our conduct and applicable standards.

For this reason this Code of Conduct (hereinafter, the “Code”) was prepared, with the aim of defi-ning integrity and fairness standards that Buzzi Unicem has voluntarily chosen to implement, as a commitment towards its stakeholders.

The Code applies to the parent Buzzi Unicem SpA and its italian and foreign subsidiary companies.In the event of a discrepancy between the principles of the Code and the local laws or regulations of the countries in which the group operates, the strictest rules always apply. Additional rules may be adopted by each subsidiary, or group of subsidiaries, in order to address the specific needs of their organizations. In no case shall any additional rule contravene or lower the standards set by this Code. In the case of conflict, the norms herein shall prevail.

The principles contained in the Code apply to all directors, members of corporate bodies, employees, suppliers and any person acting in the name and/or on behalf of Buzzi Unicem including but not limited to representatives, agents, partners, external consultants, entities appointed by the company, etc.

All addressees must follow the guidelines set by the Code when facing and overcoming the ethical and legal challenges that they may encounter in their day-to-day work.

The Code is part of Buzzi Unicem’s overall Corporate Governance system, which manages the firm’s bodies, principles and processes to ensure that the company is efficiently managed to the highest corporate standards.

Buzzi  Unicem  encourages  its  stakeholders  to  adopt  principles  and  policies  consistent  with  the  present Code.