Safety Policy

We are convinced that the company's corporate culture focused on employees and mutual cooperation leads to the overall long-term success of the company. We are also aware that occupational health and safety is a core value and an integral part of all our business activities. The employees are very important to us and the awareness thay will return to their families every day is one of our higher priority.  Our overall attitude and emphasis on a system policy focused on employee safety and health has become a symbol of our slogan RISK NENI ZISK. We monitor and evaluate the safety of our work on a monthly basis, both at national and international level. As part of the concern, we share our experience and introduce new measures that follows the changes in the construction industry and reflect the demands of our business partners. We expect zero tolerance from our employees, whether at our operation or o the construction site, which could result in damage to health or loss of life. In the contrary, we help our employees with various tools and trainings to ensure a safe working environment:

  • Renewal of employee's professional competence at regular intervals.
  • Regular and also special training focused on specific security problems.
  • Advice and guidance on handling products in accordance with legal regulations.
  • Regular inspections of machines and equipment, appliances and tools.
  • Regular annual audits of health and safety conditions - checking compliance with legislative requirements, physical inspection of each establishment.
  • Reconstruction of whole concrete plants or replacement of individual units.




We are also aware that many accidents at work are generally caused by risky behavior. Our long-term goal is to change the habits of our colleagues, to motivate employees to think and evaluate the potential risk before carrying out each task. As part of our project Zero Injuries we managed to significantly reduce the total number of work injuries for the last year. In case a work injury, its causes and sources are carefully evaluated. The managers and employees are acquainted with the evaluation. In the event of a serious accident or accident in which the OHS has been violated, extraordinary training of employees is provided. In case of accidents with serious consequences, near misses and accidents, safety warnings are processed and employees within the group are educated.

Occupational health and safety information and regulations are available on the company intranet to all employees.